Managed print services [MPS]

Manage your business, not your printers

Cost reduction

The NCR Corporate team works with you to identify and understand exactly how and where you spend on printing. This information can then be used to design a printing solution that cuts costs and increases efficiency.

Increased productivity

Having an entity that manages your printing can free up valuable time, allowing your employees to focus on critical business activities. The print management service ensures that your equipment is used optimally allowing for improved business processes and increased productivity throughout the organization.

Increased Security

Security shortcomings can compromise the credibility and operation of your business and can lead to court cases, fines or infractions of regulatory bodies. The print management service audit can highlight areas of your printing infrastructure that can be improved. We can implement these improvements to ensure that your information is kept restricted from a certain number of people and traceable or out of reach to those who are not authorized to access it.

Reduce Environmental Impact

Through the rationing of your print infrastructure, you will be able to monitor print streams and thus be able to reduce waste and cut back on energy consumption, reducing your environmental footprint.

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