Managed print services [MPS]

Manage your business, not your printers

The Managed Print Services (MPS) is an innovative management concept dedicated to your company’s printing division that aligns with global trends to simplify processes, increase efficiency and monitor costs associated with printing.

Each organization is different due to the market characteristics in which it operates, its sector, and the resources dedicated to it. This is why it is important to devote time to know your business and information technology needs in order to provide print management services.

We know it is difficult to monitor all the devices in your printing infrastructure and that it can be tricky to control your printing habits or even prevent security breaches. Because of this, you should:

  • Subcontract print management services to organize, facilitate and free up staff to perform important tasks;
  • Reduce ink and toner cartridge waste and energy and paper consumption through the adaptation, organization and monitoring of all installed printers, which will help to increase efficiency and reduce your business costs;
  • Audit your printing fleet to identify security vulnerabilities and ensure the confidentiality of your documents;
  • Analyze printing habits to find the best economic solution.
  • Learn more about this service here
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