Managed print services [MPS]

Manage your business, not your printers

  • Number of pages printed.
  • Quantity of available stock.
  • Network constraints.
  • Remote control of networked devices.
  • Single control for all devices.
  • Printing by user with user authentication;
  • Printing by department allowing for cost allocation.
  • Controlled access to confidential documents.
  • Document pre-authorization and special formats.
  • Set print rules (Double-sided by default, Outlook always black and white, etc.).

  • Document capture and classification in a simple and effective way.
  • Possibility of capturing multiple and different sources.
  • Automatic delivery and storage at pre-defined locations.
  • Substantial reduction in paper consumption.
  • Drastically reduce human error.
  • Immediate availability on different devices, including mobile.


If upstream focuses on the customer, downstream creates important links on a daily basis so that manufacturers with whom we maintain a privileged commercial relationship achieve their annually proposed objectives. The implementation of HP in the national territory gives NCR Angola the ideal local partner, guaranteeing that long-term relationships persist.

The fact that we are a certified partner for HP in terms of printing services allows for a balance between cost, equipment availability, support and stock.

Safecom software allows printing to be carried out in a simple, safe and cost saving way. Complete your print jobs with a single click. You will not have to worry about print servers with compatible printer drivers or if the printer is available.

Print job accounting allows for better cost control and security, a reduction of your IT Department’s workload and makes meeting proposed budgets much easier.

The SafeCom solution controls printing so that all documents are released from a user-chosen printer, even, for example, if the printer is in Luanda and the document has been sent for printing from Benguela. Users simply select "Print”, the chosen printer, input a user code or uses a card and print and collect jobs from the printer closest to them.


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