Managed print services [MPS]

Manage your business, not your printers

What do the service modules consist of?

Complete and integrated printing facilities management

Utilizing world-renowned printing and imaging software, NCR's MPS offers your company equipment and cost control as well as document access and management in the form of varying and complementary solutions. We install and monitor the entire implementation process at your facility as well as train your employees.

Supplies Management

The MPS or service contract may also include proactive supplies management. The supplies contract offers a service that calculates the estimated amount of supplies needed according to the printing volume of your business. Using original supplies guarantees printing quality and the integrity of your equipment. NCR ensures proper stock management and the reduction of compatibility issues or equipment malfunction.

Stock and replacement of supplies management - optimizes cost saving and frees your employees from the lengthy procedures of timely orders.

Supplies Contract - ensure that your business does not stop printing documents through lack of references or stock depletion.

On-site technical assistance

Duly certified Human Resources that accompany your on-site printing facility installation. Our on-site services include:

  • Labor supplied to the equipment site;
  • Preventive intervention for correct equipment maintenance, 1 x per month;
  • Reactive intervention including the supply of all parts needed to repair the affected equipment, with predefined response times (SLA) and next-business-day intervention (NBD);
  • The possibility of MPS Site Manager allocation can be contemplated whenever justified by the size or complexity of the installed printing equipment.


A team of specialized consultants advises your company on the choice of new equipment or the suitability of that which is already in use, finding the most suitable solution for greater efficiency.

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