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NCR offers a set of communication network integration services that enable greater productivity and cost savings in areas such as security, video conferencing, structured network certification and structured cabling systems.

Structured networks certification

NCR Corporate has the ability to test the switch network to network points of your facilities. Our team includes specialized equipment and calibration technicians capable of performing authenticated certifications and providing documented audited results.

NCR Corporate follow the specifications stipulated by legal and regulatory standards, namely the European Telecommunications Standards.

Did you know that you can ensure the reliability of your network outlets?

NCR Corporate provides a structured networking certification service, allowing you to ensure the reliability of your network outlets.

Network certification should be paramount to any structured network project, new installations or facilities already in operation. Atructured networking certification is a guarantee that the product and service you have purchased is of the highest quality and that your company is meeting the required technical standards and, most importantly, that the network is in perfect working order.

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How it works

With specific equipment and certified technicians, the NCR team conducts a point-by-point audit, i.e., carry out a test from the patch panel to the network outlets of the client’s facilities before generating a report. The NCR team can then offer solutions to any issues found.


The company that hires this network certification service will ensure wiring and data network design sustainability, gain assurance that any data traffic and the interconnection systems fall within industry standards and guarantee that key sectors will not suffer from a breakdown of communication:

  • Production: Machinery, equipment, assembly lines, PCs, wireless networks;
  • Terminals: Network outlets in all departments are always connected;
  • Security: Security cameras, DVR recorders, access control system;
  • IP Telephony: IP PBX and telephony, extensions, the interconnection between units and remote extensions.
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