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NCR offers a set of communication network integration services that enable greater productivity and cost savings in areas such as security, video conferencing, structured network certification and structured cabling systems.

In the face of ever-growing needs regarding providing organizations with more and better security control mechanisms, the private network access of each organization and the increasing importance of connecting all organizations to the world of the Internet, NCR Corporate is superbly equipped so that, together with each client, we can design network security solutions adjusted to every budget and need.

We Integrate security solutions based on Cisco and Fortinet equipment that takes into account Data Loss Prevention, traffic management and access to wired and wireless network management (Network Access Control) risk factors.

Thus, our team of experts can help you develop solutions that:

  • Secure the internal network from possible outside attacks;
  • Filter content, enabling consistent and safe available bandwidth and website category management;
  • Anti-virus and anti-spam solutions;
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