Discover how SAC can help your organization improve and grow your business.

Through NCR Angola, SAC - Commercial Application System is made available. SAC is a business management software made in Angola, which since 1990 has supported over 3,000 Angolan companies, spans various sectors and activities and responds to the needs of business and the market.

SAC integrates software solutions at an operational, fiscal, administrative, financial, human resource and customer management level, responding to the needs of Small to Medium Enterprises. These applications can be adapted to various areas within a company with a view to always improving organizational processes.

By implementing management software, your organization will gain more efficient time management techniques and be better able to organize its processes and workflow all while helping to accelerate organizational and business processes.

It will be able to more effectively store all client information and through the resulting reports will obtain an overview of all data and information regarding your clients and your market.

SAC is a business management software that is "Made in Angola" and is adaptable to:

  • Many different types of companies, head offices, subsidiaries and branches, whether interconnected or independent;
  • Multi-user;
  • Multi-currency;
  • Multi-branch activity;
  • Multi-platform: Windows, Linux, Novell, Netware;
  • User profile and menu options access levels;
  • Parameterization by application module;
  • Reports output to screen, printers or other file formats (e.g. Excel, Word, PDF, etc.];
  • Permanent task automation operations manager;
  • Stock visualization between different interconnected or independent company units;
  • Direct or via Excel copy of documents, in the company or between several units of the same.
  • Learn more about this service here
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