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Administrative management


  • General and analytical;
  • Single tier and two-tier systems;
  • Results demonstration;
  • Cash flow;
  • Balance;
  • Automated closures;
  • Automatic offline integration.

Treasury Control

  • Tills and Banks;
  • Treasury budgets;
  • Cash flow.

Asset Management

  • Fixed assets;
  • Amortization;
  • Write-offs;
  • Revaluations.

Commercial management

Client billing

  • Warehouses, shops, pharmacies, restaurants, workshops, factories, services, equipment maintenance, etc.;
  • Cash and credit sales with client current account control;
  • Table of users per client with checking account and prepayment control;
  • ABC product classification;
  • Current account extracts, reconciliations and payment terms.
  • Sales tables: prices indicated manually;
  • Automated pricing based on APP, LP or as per a cost calculation spreadsheet;
  • Discounts by client, product or table;
  • Sales commission by table or product;
  • Special client pricing contracts;
  • Sales promotions;
  • Sash sales summaries, operators, customers, general (cash and credit), discounts, taxes, etc.

Orders to suppliers

  • Calculation of cost of goods;
  • Incoming goods in multiple currencies;
  • FOB price registration;
  • Order suggestion based on quantity;
  • Average monthly consumption or ABC product classification;
  • Supplier inquires (Excel);
  • Management of final orders;
  • Quantity in transit and arrival of goods control;
  • Client current accounts with statements, reconciliation and payment terms;

Stock Control

  • Multi-warehouse product location;
  • Types of articles: simple, compound, best before dates, subdivisions, equipment, services;
  • Cost pricing: FOB, APP - Average Purchase Price [weighted], LPE - Latest Price Entry;
  • Monthly statements;
  • Automatic stock rupture [Minimum] and ordering point control;
  • Average consumption record, waiting time, frisk factor, standard deviation, etc.

Human resource management

Staff Control

  • Complete double sheet with information related to the company and staff;
  • Staff records relating to: professional development, disciplinary procedures, clinical events;
  • Personal attendance register with the possibility of connecting the control point systems;
  • Holiday planning, control and processing;
  • Staff current account control;
  • Household registration.


  • Customizable to the situation of each company;
  • Creation of new information through fixed [aggregate record], monthly [manual entry] or formulated [result of execution] variables;
  • Creating and editing calculation formulas;
  • Automatic and/or manual calculation with monthly execution per worker;
  • Preparation of official reports, etc.;
  • Wage, IRT, Social Security, Trade Union and Bank process mapping and PS2 file generation for banking integration.
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