Licensing solutions tailored to the needs of each client that will help every company to generate productivity and efficiency.

More than software licensing, we offer licensing solutions aligned to the specific needs of each client. The right licensing choice should be cost effective and help your company generate productivity and efficiency. With the rise in cloud-based services, we see more companies leave traditional On-Premise licensing and move to Cloud-based licensing models.

The world of technology is evolving at a great pace and as a result software vendors are continually introducing new licensing metrics to follow the latest trends. There are several software licensing options available in the market today but selecting the right option can be a tedious job if adequate resources are not in place.

Our licensing specialists offer assistance and guide you throughout the process by selecting the software licensing, the financial analysis and the software licensing management.

The importance of software licensing:

1. Impact of technology on the productivity of companies.

Technology is now an integral part of the daily lives of people around the world and Angola is no exception. Present challenges require organizations to adapt to new socio-economic realities in order to be more competitive and financially sound, regardless of their size or sector.

Choosing the most appropriate technological solutions for your organization that meet your business operational needs and boost human resource productivity is an extremely important factor regarding the growth of your organization.

2. Why software licensing for companies?

Cyber-attacks on the client infrastructure, data loss and the slowing down of the machines that run the software can be strong indicators that your company’s licensing solutions are not the most suitable. You may not have the proper licenses needed to meet your needs, which may include the unintentional use of pirated software, compromising all the information systems of your company.

There are several software licensing options available, but selecting the right option can be more complicated than it seems. The right licensing option should be one that is best suited to the real needs of your company and that helps your organization to generate capital gains in several areas, thorough generating greater productivity and efficiency.

3. How NCR Corporate operates in the market to help its clients with the licensing process?

When purchased through a legally structured means, software licensing becomes an ally to your organization. It ensures that program execution remains fast, that your existing data is not compromised and helps you comply with the law. You will enjoy high quality and technological support standards provided by Microsoft (updates) that will help to protect your organization’s investment.

With the experience of our experts, NCR Corporate offers licensing solutions aligned with the client’s needs, offering assistance and advice throughout the selection process, taking into account financial analysis, licensing management and the optimization of other processes including hybrid solutions to maximize and protect their infrastructure.

4. Why choose NCR?

NCR Corporate’s experienced team of licensing experts is at your disposal to help you and your organization select the best licensing solution.

With the experience of the market leader, our licensing area helps your organization to select the most appropriate licensing solution for your needs, offering assistance and guidance throughout the process, in terms of:

  • Designing the most economical licensing model for your organization.
  • Manage licensing renewals efficiently and avoid delays or costly fines.
  • Regular reviews between NCR Corporate and the client to ensure that your licensing strategy is adapted to your business, its operations and your IT goals.
  • Regular business strategy and technology reviews to understand key strategic and business objectives.
  • Contract rationalization to consolidate any duplicate agreements and implement the most suitable and economic contract.
  • Strategic planning from the product roadmap - with a full understanding of your software investment and strategic requirements.
  • Management of benefits with the updated versions of software.

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